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Samtouch POS is a robust “on-premise” Point of Sale (POS) software solution meticulously developed and extensively tested alongside the leading SAM4S Point of Sale hardware. This rigorous testing ensures 100% compatibility, resulting in a highly reliable system essential for the retail sector. Samtouch POS Software is specifically tailored for use in a diverse range of establishments including retail shops, cafes, bars, restaurants, pubs, convenience stores, delicatessens, newsagents, grocers, and various other retail settings. It seamlessly integrates with the Sam4s brand of Windows-based terminals.

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Samtouch POS is incredibly user-friendly, allowing staff members to undergo comprehensive training in less than 20 minutes. Despite being one of the most feature-rich Point of Sale (POS) solutions in the industry, offering an abundance of management reports, its design prioritizes reducing shrinkage and expediting operations.

Samtouch POS facilitates swift clerk lay-away or tab operations across multiple terminals, along with user-friendly table management, split billing, and efficient tendering processes.

Featuring lead-through operations that prompt cooking instructions, as well as up-selling and cross-selling features, Samtouch POS ensures simplicity for operators while maximizing opportunities to enhance the average transaction value. You can rest assured that our system strikes the perfect balance, making operations straightforward for the operator while providing ample avenues for boosting overall transaction value.

Samtouch POS Features

Floating Operators & Tabs

Any operator has the flexibility to start a 'Sale/Tab' on one terminal and continue or complete the transaction on another terminal.

Dynamic Screen Setup

Utilizing the Samtouch 'Dynamic Screen' feature is a breeze – simply create the product and assign it to a category.

Remote Services

Leveraging tablet operation at the table accelerates service and significantly minimizes the occurrence of incorrect orders.

Customer Loyalty

Customers can receive loyalty cards to accumulate points and enjoy special offers or membership discounts.


Monitoring promotions actively enables management to effortlessly adjust them for optimal benefit.

Caller ID

Caller ID links your POS to your phone system, allowing you to identify the caller before answering the call.

Food Allergens

As a food business, adherence to the allergen information regulations outlined in the EU Food Information (EU FIC) is mandatory.

Price Levels

Samtouch provides the flexibility of up to six distinct price levels per product, allowing for versatile application in various scenarios.

Digital Receipts

Capture customer email addresses at the point of sale by offering to send their receipt to their email address with a Captcha verification step.

Samtouch POS Modules

Card Integration

Samtouch POS partners with several card payment providers, yet our preferred choice is Dojo.

Accounting Integration

Our integration with Xero Accounting comes included with our Samtouch Office Back Office solution at no additional cost to you.

Hotel Reservations

Mainstay is an intuitive end-to-end PMS software system tailored specifically for guest houses and the small hotel market.

Table Reservations

ResDiary offers table management, online bookings, pre-orders, and payments—all in one flat-fee reservation system.

Time & Attendance

Deputy assists in scheduling the appropriate number of waiters, chefs, and other staff to meet demand, ensuring excellent service delivery while keeping costs minimized.

WooCommerce Integration

WooCommerce provides a comprehensive online solution that can be managed by web developers or individuals with basic software skills alike.

Easy Tip

A user-friendly mobile application for effortless and convenient tipping.

Near St

Your go-to app for discovering nearby stores and products, making local shopping easy and accessible.

Samtouch Addons

Samtouch Office

Streamline your business operations with our comprehensive back-office solution, empowering you to manage inventory, sales, and more efficiently.

Samtouch Orderpad

Enhance your restaurant's efficiency with our intuitive mobile ordering solution, enabling seamless order-taking and improved customer service.

Samtouch Kitchen Video

Revolutionize your kitchen operations with our cutting-edge video display system, ensuring accurate order management and efficient food preparation.

Samtouch OrderMe

Empower your customers with the convenience of self-service ordering through our intuitive and customizable online ordering platform.

Samtouch SamCount

Simplify your inventory management with our intuitive counting solution, enabling accurate stock tracking and streamlined operations.

Samtouch SamView

Gain valuable insights into your business performance with our comprehensive reporting and analytics tool, empowering informed decision-making for growth and efficiency.


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