SAM4S NR-510R (Raised Keyboard)

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Perfect for a diverse range of retail operations, much like the SAM4S NR-510R, this model sets itself apart with both receipt and journal printers. This becomes crucial in scenarios where a customer receipt is issued for every transaction, and a real-time printed audit roll is deemed essential.

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The SAM4S NR-520R is a versatile choice for a wide range of retail operations, catering to businesses in General Retailing, CTN, Fashion, or Gift Stores. This model incorporates features specifically tailored to meet the diverse needs of the retail sector.

Operator Display: The NR-500 series boasts an 8-line blue backlit graphic Liquid Crystal Display, providing operator-friendly transaction information. This display also facilitates menu-driven programming for efficient product file maintenance.

Customer Display: Transaction details are presented on a 2-line x 16-character LCD, positioned to face the customer. The display’s rotation capability allows it to be adjusted to any angle for enhanced customer visibility.

Optional Scanning Feature: By connecting a standard barcode reader to the SAM4S NR520R, you can transform it into a powerful yet compact barcode scanning system. This integration can contribute to reducing shrinkage by up to 5% by preventing operator errors in price entry.

Secure SD Port: Equipped with a secure SD port, the NR-520R allows for versatile utility functions using SD cards. These include program Save/Load, report capture, firmware updates, and graphics uploading, enhancing the operational capabilities of the system.

Key Points

  • Up to 6,000 PLUs.
  • Up to 99 Group Totals.
  • Up to 99 Clerks/Cashiers.
  • Clerk Overlap Feature
  • Table Management Features
  • Mix & Match (Buy 1 Get 1 Free).
  • Quick Help Display Function in REG Mode.
  • Graphic Bitmap Logo with 20 Pre-Loaded Images.
  • Automatic Tax Computation for up to 4 Rates or Tables.
  • 10 Media Keys: Cash, Check & up to 8 Charge Keys.
  • Compulsory Cash Declaration.
  • Add Check Function.
  • Not Found PLU – with PLU Creation in Reg Mode.
  • Training Mode.
  • Cancel Sale Function.
  • Mode Lock Controlled Transaction Void.
  • Clerk Name Display.
  • Price Inclusive Barcodes.
  • Post Tendering.
  • 4 Automatic Currency Conversion Keys.


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