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Experience the pinnacle of EPoS technology with ICRTouch TouchPoint – a bespoke solution crafted with unparalleled features and flexibility.

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Experience the pinnacle of EPoS technology with TouchPoint – a bespoke solution crafted with unparalleled features and flexibility.

Effortlessly meeting the diverse needs of businesses, TouchPoint is the epitome of reliability and efficiency. With regular annual updates, it remains at the forefront of innovation, ensuring your operations stay cutting-edge.

Featuring a fully customizable interface, TouchPoint offers industry-leading functionality that seamlessly facilitates day-to-day business operations. Its simplicity in operation and ease of learning make it an ideal choice for businesses of any size.

Whether you’re a single-site establishment or a burgeoning multi-chain empire, TouchPoint scales effortlessly to match your growth trajectory. Trusted by over 150,000 installations across the UK, TouchPoint is the preferred EPoS solution for some of the nation’s most prominent hospitality brands, providing robust and intelligent solutions tailored to your success.

Robust & reliable.

Rest assured with TouchPoint’s failsafe features, ensuring uninterrupted operations even in the face of challenges. Should your WiFi encounter disruptions, all functionalities remain intact, enabling seamless continuation of operations.

Data is securely stored locally and automatically backed up once connections are restored, safeguarding your information. Even during power outages, your data remains protected, preserving the latest transactions and ensuring business continuity. With TouchPoint, reliability is never compromised.

ICRTouch TouchPoint Features

Easy to use.

Designed with intuitiveness and full customizability in mind, our system ensures that your staff will quickly grasp its functions, minimizing training time and maximizing productivity from day one.

CCTV integration.

With the capability to display transaction and clerk information, TouchPoint serves as a powerful tool in deterring, detecting, and reducing instances of fraud and theft within your business operations.

Secure staff sign-on.

With its unique sign-on feature, TouchPoint ensures that only authorized staff members can access the till and perform sensitive operations, providing an extra layer of security and control over your business operations.

Product image buttons.

Simplify product identification for your staff by incorporating images instead of standard text on the till interface, enabling quick and intuitive recognition for smoother operations.

Faster payments.

Accelerate payment processing with our integrated card reader, seamlessly accepting payments while back-end reports are automatically reconciled, ensuring smooth and efficient operations.

Identity verification.

Enhance security and loyalty program integrity by implementing photo identity verification at the till, ensuring that loyalty cards are used by the right customers and effectively reducing the risk of fraud.


TouchPoint seamlessly integrates with all other ICRTouch software, facilitating effortless expansions of products and services with streamlined compatibility and enhanced operational synergy.

Schedule happy hours.

Automate your TouchPoint till system to effortlessly manage price changes for happy hours and time-sensitive promotions, ensuring accurate and timely adjustments without manual intervention.

Automatically split bills.

Ease the burden on your staff and minimize errors with TouchPoint's built-in bill splitting functionality, allowing seamless division of bills among customers with precision and efficiency.

Language translation.

Enhance communication efficiency by automatically translating orders from the till to the kitchen, ensuring seamless transmission of orders and reducing the risk of errors or misunderstandings.

Add-on features.

Tailor TouchPoint to your precise needs by customizing features and adjusting program scripts, empowering you to optimize its functionality to align perfectly with your business requirements and preferences.

Automated alerts.

Empower your EPoS system to handle tasks such as notifying your staff of allergen alerts and conducting age verification, alleviating their workload and ensuring seamless compliance with safety regulations.

Elevate customer loyalty with TouchPoint’s engaging loyalty schemes. Our built-in features empower you to craft targeted promotions, points systems, and personalized vouchers and gift cards, fostering repeat visits and stronger customer relationships.

Pair TouchPoint with ICRTouch’s complementary TouchLoyalty software for an enhanced suite of features tailored to drive business growth. Unlock invaluable customer insights with detailed analytics, enabling you to refine your offerings based on specific stock, days, or customer segments. Reward your patrons with a seamless points system that incentivizes continued engagement and loyalty. With TouchPoint and TouchLoyalty, cultivating customer loyalty has never been more effortless or rewarding.

Trust TouchPoint to prioritize safety and efficiency, prompting the right actions at the right moments to ensure the well-being of both your staff and customers.


With features designed to enhance safety protocols, TouchPoint prompts staff to upsell items, alerts them to allergen concerns, and facilitates age verification for door entry and restricted product sales. By automating these processes, your EPoS system alleviates strain on your staff, allowing them to focus more on delivering exceptional customer service. With TouchPoint, safety and service go hand in hand, creating a seamless experience for all.

ICRTouch Ecosystem

Experience the pinnacle of efficiency with TouchPoint, the flagship of the ICRTouch ecosystem. Engineered to automate tasks seamlessly, it lightens the workload for all staff members, empowering them to focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Simplify your operations with a single, fully integrated ecosystem from ICRTouch. Our suite of software solutions is meticulously designed to integrate flawlessly, creating a cohesive and robust business environment. Whether it’s generating sales reports or managing stock corrections, every aspect of our system updates in real-time, ensuring accuracy and efficiency across the board.

The ICRTouch ecosystem operates intuitively and intelligently, accelerating service and streamlining operations to enhance your business’s performance. With TouchPoint at the helm, you can unlock a new level of productivity and customer satisfaction.


TouchOffice Web offers comprehensive remote management for your business, allowing you to oversee operations from anywhere with internet access. Easily access real-time sales data, manage stock levels, and generate reports, all through an intuitive and user-friendly web interface. Keep your finger on the pulse of your business, anytime, anywhere, with TouchOffice Web.


ICRTouchOffice PocketTouch is a versatile handheld ordering solution that empowers your staff to take orders directly from customers’ tables. With its intuitive interface and seamless integration with your EPoS system, PocketTouch streamlines the ordering process, enhances efficiency, and delivers exceptional customer service.


ICRTouchOffice TouchKitchen revolutionizes kitchen management by digitizing and streamlining the order process. With a user-friendly interface, it displays orders clearly and accurately, reducing errors and improving efficiency. Compatible with various devices, TouchKitchen seamlessly integrates with your existing EPoS system for optimal performance.


ByTable enhances the dining experience by allowing customers to place orders directly from their table using a tablet. Seamlessly integrated with your EPoS system, ByTable streamlines ordering, reduces wait times, and boosts efficiency. It empowers customers and staff alike, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable dining experience.


ICRTouch SelfService transforms the customer experience with intuitive self-ordering kiosks. With easy navigation and seamless integration with your EPoS system, it empowers customers to place orders and make payments independently, reducing wait times and enhancing efficiency.


ICRTouch TouchLoyalty revolutionizes customer engagement with its advanced loyalty program management. From personalized promotions to points-based rewards, TouchLoyalty helps businesses build lasting relationships with their customers while driving repeat visits and boosting sales.


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