Epos technology can save you time

EPOS Technology Saves Time

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EPoS technology is designed to be easy to understand (staff can be fully trained in less than 20 minutes), simple to use (fast sales operations) and they are packed with useful innovations that revolutionise the hospitality and retail environment. Operator management, promotions, and customer loyalty schemes are enhanced with software applications that allow your staff works efficiently while boosting productivity and profits.

Here are six examples of how our EPOS systems will revolutionise your business, reduce costs and increase sales:

Faster checkout

With transactions completed in seconds fewer staff are needed to serve your customers, this equals lower overheads and boosts customer satisfaction.

Accurate, real-time inventory management

Samtouch EPoS software gives you real-time access to your stock levels across multiple business locations, this reduces the risk of waste and improves your stock management.

Improved customer experience

IoT technology allows your customers to use the kiosk function and make their preferred selection, and they can pay in any way that they choose, with e-receipts confirming their purchase within seconds.

More accurate pricing

Samtouch software offers up to 6 different price levels per product, these can be used for different scenarios like 2-4-1, Half Price, BOGOF’s (Buy One Get One Free), Black Friday Sale, etc. This ensures that your staff price things correctly and customers always get the deal they expect.


Seamless integrations

Samtouch software assists with the transition to becoming an omnichannel retailer with integrated card payments and the ability to use software applications that help to further the customer experience.


Epos System Bundle

Real-time sales analytics

Detailed sales reporting and analytics are constantly updated in real-time allowing you to track sales and employee performance over specific periods of time. You will have a comprehensive overview of your business, your customer’s spending habits, and your sales data.

Book a Sales Consultation

The best way to find how our EPoS systems can improve your operations is through a sales consultation. It is easy to arrange, just click here, and complete the form and one of our sales consultants will be in touch. Otherwise, feel free to call or email us on 0115 847 5210 or sales@samsoftware.com.

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