CAS CN1 Label Printing Scale

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The CAS CN1 is equipped with 72 direct entry keys for PLU and an additional 36 function keys. It has the capacity to store up to 10,000 PLUs, and data transfer to a computer is fast and efficient through internet connectivity.



Introducing the inaugural product of the innovative CN series, the CN1. “CN” signifies “CAS NETWORK,” representing a printer scale line-up that boasts advanced network capabilities. This scale introduces robust remote functionality built on enhanced networks and improved information transfer capabilities, coupled with a vibrant 7″ colour display. The CN1 seamlessly integrates with the existing CL series. It serves as the upgraded iteration of the highly popular LP1 series (LP1.5, LP1.7, LP1000).

Key Points

  • Max Capacity 15kg
  • Platter size 280mm x 250mm
  • 7″ colour dual-sided display
  • 72 preset keys for the most popular products
  • Memory for up to 10,000 PLUs (product look-ups)
  • Up to 1000 ingredients lists (510 characters each)
  • 36 function keys
  • 100mm/sec printer speed
  • Label sizes – width 40-60mm / length 30mm-290mm
  • Barcode types UPC, EAN13, I20F5, CODE128, GS1, DATABAR, QRCODE
  • Direct thermal print
  • Compatible with CL series
  • CL-Works Pro included (PC management software for easy programming)


  • USB port for keyboard – i.e. plug a USB keyboard in for quicker product naming
  • LAN port – for easiest communication to the PC tool

CL Works Information

  • Please see the video tab for various videos on the tool 
  • Extensive programming and setup of PLUs, labels, and settings
  • Simple setup of ingredients, allergy info, packed on, and best before to name a few of the options
  • Keyboard design and print function
  • The ability to upload your sales data to CL works for reporting information

Box Contents

  • CAS CN1 scale with a stainless platter
  • integrated thermal printer
  • Pole display – 2 sided
  • UK power cable
  • User Manual
  • Conformance certificate

Optional options – See accessories

  • CL Works Pro Software (for windows PC/Laptop)
  • Additional rolls – either pre-printed template or blank
  • Programming and setup


If you prefer a hassle-free setup straight out of the box, we provide a programming service that includes configuring the 72 PLUs, setting up pricing, designing departments and keyboards, and enabling printing.

It’s important to be aware that CAS scales are not waterproof, and any damage caused by water to the unit is not covered by the warranty. Consequently, we advise against using these scales in wet environments.


You may simply print a generic label by entering the “Price per Kg” on the keypad or the quantity – this can be done instantly without any programming – it will print the Price per Kg or Qty, the Weight of the item, the Calculated price and the printed date on each barcode label. Or you can program and preset your individual products and price rates for a product-specific label with the Product Name, Price per Kg, Calculated Weight & Price, Barcode, Packed on Date and optional Sell By date (or Use By date – see Template Option above). Origin, Ingredients/Allergens (upto 510 characters maximum), Traceability details and Nutritional data can be included but for these extra details you will need to use larger size labels.


Choose from 2 popular label roll sizes:

Medium CAS Scale Label

(58mm width x 40mm depth – 750 labels per roll)

Large CAS Scale Label

(58mm width x 60mm depth – 500 labels per roll)

CAS label rolls come with a pre-printed graphic template, offering multiple standard formats for your convenience. Additionally, our PC software allows you to customize your label template according to your preferences. The label PLU content options are extensive, including PLU name, ingredients/allergies, packed-on date, sell-by date, unit price, weight, total price, store name and address, time, PLU number, and barcode. Alternatively, you can opt for blank label rolls and, utilizing the optional CL Works Pro program, create your own label template from scratch.


The CAS CN-1 machine provides versatility in either PrePack mode, streamlining the labeling process for pre-packed items for distribution or retail display, or in standard REGister mode for instantaneous weighing and price labeling at the point of sale. The ‘Add’ function allows you to aggregate multiple items for an overall transaction total, generating a customer total barcode label for easy scanning at the checkout, affixed to an outer bag or box.


Choose between manual entry of ‘Per Kg’ or unit price using the MISC keys, selecting preset PLUs with pre-defined prices, or utilizing the ‘Override’ feature for temporary price adjustments. Discount functions include both manually applied percentage discounts and pre-set automated discount amounts or percentages based on quantity, such as 1 lemon for £0.40 or 3 lemons for £1.00. Automated discounts can be time-controlled or applied globally to all products.


The Tare feature enables the exclusion of container weight, allowing for accurate measurements. You can set a predefined tare weight with a PLU record for added convenience.


The CN1 supports the inclusion of packed date/time and sell/use by date/time for improved traceability.


Configure the barcode format from universal symbologies (EAN, UPC, CODE128, GS1, DATABAR, or Int2of5) with price-embedded or weight-embedded options. Our barcodes are compatible with a wide range of cash registers and touchscreen POS scanning systems, and QR Code is optionally supported.


For items sold by fixed price (not by weight), use the ‘For’ function to price and print a barcode label. Alternatively, program the PLU to prompt the operator for quantity.


The CAS CN1 scale offers various report types, including Total Sales (number of transactions, total amount), Individual PLU Sales (total weight, total number of sales, total value), and Non-PLU Sales (total weight, total number of sales, total value).


A separate label with nutritional data can be set up for required PLU’s. This will print a formatted table with:

  • Serving Size
  • Serving Per Con
  • Calories Cal
  • Calories From Fat
  • Total Fat g
  • Saturated Fat g
  • Trans Fat g
  • Cholesterol mg
  • Sodium mg
  • Total Carbohydrates g
  • Dietary Fibers g
  • Sugars g
  • Protein g
  • Vitamin A %
  • Calcium %
  • Vitamin C %
  • Iron %
  • Salt g


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