HPRT P200 Barcode Scanner

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The HPRT P200 2D Barcode Scanner is Ideal for mobile payments, retail, healthcare, finance, transportation, manufacturing, logistics, and more.

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Omnidirectional Image Scanning

Wide-angled adjustable omnidirectional scanning window, applicable for multiple scanning needs.

Infrared & Light Dual Sensing

Embedded with both infrared sensor and light sensor, automatically triggering barcode reading once the object closes to the scan window.

Various Scanning Modes

With versatile scanning modes, the scanner can be used in either a handheld or hands-free way according to employees’ needs.

640 x 480 Pixels Global Shutter Image Sensor

With bright white illumination LEDs and snappy decoding performance, the scanner is optimised for both on-screen and paper 1D/2D barcode capture.

Multiple Interfaces

USB, RS232, Virtual-Serial

Driver Free.

Easy Plug-And-Play setup and installation.

High Durability And Performance

  • Comfortable grip
  • Anti-vibration and drop resistance
  • Made of PC material with TPU rubber coating on top
  • Compact and Solid
  • Optical coating


High-speed initiative decoder with 32 RISC CPU



  • Solid-state hardware – higher stability and reliability.
  • Multiple common interfaces, highly compatible.
  • Independent R&D of core decoding technology.
  • Induction recognition.
  • Wide-angle adjustable scanning window.

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