Samtouch SamView

Samtouch Office for Mobile


The SamView reporting app offers independent restaurateurs a convenient way to access reports while on the move.


Featuring a user-friendly platform, you can effortlessly take time off from your business while still being able to monitor sales, employee performance, and more, all from your Android or Apple phone.

Integrates with Samtouch Office


With its seamless integration into your cloud-based Samtouch Office, Samtouch SamView delivers real-time, up-to-the-minute information from each of your business locations or consolidates data from all your locations.

List of Reports Available:


  • Financial Totals – Gross Sales, Payment Types, Sale Adjustments (i.e. refunds, covers, etc…).
  • Time Periods – Turnover by Time Periods
  • Product Groups – Quantity & Turnover by Categories
  • Best Product – Sales by Quantity Sold
  • Favourite Products – Sales by your Tracked Products
  • Location – Breakdown of Sales per Location

Track Sales Over a Wide Date Range


In addition to reporting on current sales, you can also generate reports for the following date ranges: Today, Yesterday, This Week, Last Week, This Month, Last Month, Year to Date, and Last Year.

Key Benefits

Easy Operation

The Samtouch SamView app is easy to use with read only access to your back-office system.

Realtime Info

The app provides real time sale information about your business 24/7.

Safe & Secure

Read Only secure connection to your cloud back office ensures your data is safe.

Cross Platform OS

Samtouch SamView is available on Android and iOS covering the majority of mobile phone available on the market.

Samtouch Addons

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Samtouch SamView

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