Samtouch SamCount

With Samtouch SamCount via Samtouch Office, you gain comprehensive control over your stock inventory.


Conduct full or partial (rotational) stock counts instantly, with rapid identification of variances, supported by intelligent reporting.

Improve Accuracy and Efficiency


Administering stocktaking outers and units is made simple with multiple outer sizes available within Samtouch Office. Stock takes can be conducted manually by completing the stock report form and re-entering the actual stock count into Samtouch Office.


Alternatively, we provide a handheld device with an inbuilt scanner and SamCount, empowering shop floor and warehouse staff to scan products and input the stock count, which is seamlessly transferred to Samtouch Office upon request.

Faster Stock Taking


Samtouch SamCount dramatically reduces the time required for inventory counts. Additionally, it enables you to move around the store, conducting spot checks on product pricing and making necessary amendments. Keeping track of all your stock levels can be challenging at times.


The front dashboard in Samtouch Office notifies the operator of any low stock levels, prompting timely action to prevent running out of key items. Supplier orders can be generated instantly, with recommended order levels based on current stock levels.

Key Benefits

Live Stocktakes

Live stocktake with Samtouch. Freeze feature means you can do stocktakes whilst trading.

Intelligent Reporting

Highlights your shrinking margin providing you with the tools to manage prices accurately.

Dashboard Alerts

Signal low stock levels for you to act on ensuring you never run out of stock on key ingredients.

Multiple Locations

Analyse stock inventory across the group and move stock as necessary.

Samtouch Addons

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Samtouch SamCount

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