Samtouch OrderMe

Samtouch OrderMe is an advanced customer-owned device ordering application tailored for professional settings.


Specifically designed for bustling environments like restaurants, bars/pubs, or fast-food establishments, Samtouch OrderMe offers a secure and streamlined solution for patrons to place food orders using their Android or iOS mobile devices, whether they’re on-site or ordering remotely.

Multiuse Mobile App


In the face of ongoing challenges in the hospitality sector, Samtouch Point of Sale solutions rise to meet the growing demands and need for adaptability within the industry. Whether you’re a table service establishment seeking to add a takeaway option or a fast-food business aiming to expand into meal deliveries, the comprehensive Samtouch portfolio of hardware and software offers the necessary tools to cater to your customers in the safest, most efficient, and cost-effective manner.


With Samtouch OrderMe seamlessly integrated into your operations, all orders are automatically processed through your Samtouch Point of Sale system, alongside your traditional sales channels. This integration not only saves valuable time but also minimizes manual entry errors, ensuring a smoother and more streamlined service for both your staff and customers.

Send Orders Direct to the Bar and Kitchen


In addition, if your system has kitchen order printers or Samtouch Kitchen Video, all orders from OrderMe will be sent through to the kitchen preparation area automatically. Samtouch POS & OrderMe is a full turnkey solution that handles all your sales channels effectively.


Unlike other stand-alone food apps available on the market there are no commission charges.

Order and Pay @ Table


Samtouch OrderMe is an ideal solution for any restaurant, providing a safe environment for customers and staff members. Using their own mobile device, customers can browse your menu at their leisure, place their order and make payment.


When a customer places and pays for their order, the order Is automatically processed in your Samtouch POS solution and if required the order is printed on your bar & kitchen preparation printers.

Beer Gardens


Samtouch OrderMe is an ideal solution for any pub beer garden, providing a safe environment for customers and staff members. Using their own mobile device, customers can browse your menu at their leisure, place their order and make payment.


When a customer places and pays for their order, the order Is automatically processed in your Samtouch POS solution and if required the order is printed on your bar & kitchen preparation printers.

How it works for restaurants and outdoor venues:


  1. Customer scans your special 3D code.
  2. App and menu installed to customer device.
  3. Customer places order & pays.
  4. Order is transferred to Samtouch POS.
  5. If applicable order printed on KP prep printer.
  6. Prepare food delivery to customers table.



Samtouch OrderMe presents an optimal solution for fast-food businesses. As a user of Samtouch OrderMe, your establishment will be featured in the directory list, ensuring that potential customers seeking food orders in your vicinity encounter your menu and potentially become new patrons. Inclusion in this directory is a standard feature of the Samtouch/OrderMe solution.


Upon a customer placing and completing payment for their order, it seamlessly integrates into your Samtouch POS system, with the option for automatic printing on your bar and kitchen preparation printers, if needed. This streamlined process enhances efficiency and accuracy in managing orders, enhancing the overall customer experience.



Samtouch OrderMe stands out as the perfect solution for any delivery business providing delivery services. By leveraging Samtouch OrderMe, your business gains visibility through inclusion in the directory list. This means that prospective customers seeking to place food orders in your locality will come across your menu, potentially leading to new clientele. Directory insertion comes as a standard feature within the Samtouch OrderMe solution.


Once a customer places and completes payment for their order, it seamlessly integrates into your Samtouch POS system. If necessary, the order can be automatically printed on your kitchen preparation printers, streamlining the process from order placement to fulfillment. This efficient workflow enhances operational effectiveness and ensures a smooth experience for both your staff and customers alike.

Samtouch OrderMe Features:

Directory Listing

Your business will be listed in the venue directory. When a customer searches within your area your business listing will be displayed giving you every opportunity to gain new customers. Customers can list your venue as a favourite, so they can find it easily next time they are placing an order.

Venue Options

Samtouch OrderMe is supplied with all venue sales channels as standard. Whether you are looking for Order @ Table, take-away or delivery channels they are included as part of your system. Each channel can be enabled or disabled as required.

Price Levels

Order @ Table service inevitably is priced higher than taking away delivery prices. Samtouch POS & OrderMe can be configured with up to six price levels per product and each sales channel can be pre-set with one of these price levels.

Product Menu

Some products may only be offered for sale on certain sales channels (i.e. Order @ Table). Samtouch OrderMe provides you with the flexibility to include items in multiple product groups (i.e. starters, main course, etc…).

Product Options

Ordering from your menu is easy with lead-thru product options. This gives you the opportunity to upsell extras or promote specials that you wish to sell. Implemented correctly, products options can significantly increase your average spend per head.

Cooking Instructions

Cooking Instructions are part and parcel of the order process, ensuring orders are cooked to your customer’s exact requirements. Cooking instructions can also be used for drinks such as spirits to ask questions such as: Do you require ice?

Order Fulfilment

For take-away and delivery orders you can configure the number of orders that can be procured within a specific time. For example, you could configure the system to handle 20 takeaway orders per time range and in addition, handle only 4 delivery orders within the same time range.

Product Production

Individual item fulfilment time is great where you are limited to the number of items you can prepare in a set time. For example, your pizza oven capacity only allows you to prepare 15 pizzas per hour. Once capacity is reached any orders including pizzas will move onto the next available time slot.

Advanced Orders

Customers can book takeaway & delivery orders days in advance depending on how you have configured your system. Samtouch OrderMe will monitor the orders that are pending and despatches them to Samtouch for processing as required.

Food Allergies

Each product can be assigned with one of the 14 allergens. This will be indicated on the product information screen. Note: if an ingredient is assigned an allergen this will be populated through the product information.

Secure Payments

Card payments can be securely taken via your customer’s own personal device. All Payments use the highest level of 3D security. Card details can be saved on your customer’s devices for repeat orders, especially useful in pub environments.

0% Commission

Online ordering platforms will typically charge up to 30% commission on every transaction you make. However, Samtouch OrderMe there are no commission fees.

Integrated Solution

Samtouch OrderMe is fully integrated with Samtouch POS and Samtouch Office. All sales and order operations are consolidated through a single platform ensuring your best practice operation is maintained.

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