Samtouch Kitchen

Revamp order management in the kitchen with cutting-edge technology from Samtouch.


Once orders are taken at the front of the house, they are seamlessly transferred to touch screen terminals stationed in each preparation area.

Everything at a glance


Each order is displayed as an individual ticket, featuring details such as Table Number, Number of Guests, Time Taken, and Collection Time. Additionally, a consolidated summary of all items requiring preparation in Samtouch Kitchen is presented on the screen.


This allows the chef to quickly assess what needs to be prepared at a glance. For instance, if ten steaks need to be prepared across four orders, the chef will see a summary of ten steaks, helping to minimize errors and alleviate stress in the kitchen.

No more lost tickets


Digital tickets significantly contribute to reducing litter in the kitchen, promoting a cleaner hospitality environment, and cutting costs associated with paper rolls as well.



Just in case an order has been missed alert times can be pre-set in the system to advise the chef that an order has not gone. All in all, Samtouch Kitchen offers a range of features to speed up operation, minimise wastage and reduce stress levels in the kitchen.


Samtouch Kitchen comes with dual Windows & Android operating systems and will work on any Sam4s POS touch screen.

Key Benefits

Consolidated List

A comprehensive list of all orders received but yet to be prepared.

Pinned Orders

See the status of current orders being prepared whilst 'pinned'.

Just in Case

Alert times can be pre-set in the system to advise the chef that an order has not gone.

Unpinned Orders

'Unpin' orders once the order is prepared and ready for collection or delivery.

Samtouch Kitchen Bundle


When integrated with the iMin K1 KDS, Samtouch KitchenVideo revolutionizes traditional kitchen order methods.


The iMin K1 KDS efficiently manages orders within the system, collaborating seamlessly with the server to prevent missing or mistaken orders, thereby fostering organized operations in the back kitchen.


  • Oil and smoke resistant for superior durability
  • 21.5″ HD display, with vibrant colourisation
  • Optional multi-capacitive touch screen
  • A 100m network interface for advanced connection
  • New and improved Android user interface
  • Samtouch available on Windows & Android
  • Bespoke background display

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