iMin D4 Desktop POS

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The iMin D4 is a high-performance, multi-functional desktop POS that effortlessly connects to external devices such as cash drawers, enhancing the overall checkout experience for your customers.



The iMin D4-503 stands as a smart and robust desktop EPOS terminal, powered by the Android™ operating system. Featuring a 15.6” multi-touch capacitive touchscreen display for operators and a built-in space-saving 80mm thermal printer.

Key Points

  • Display options are available such as 10.1″, 10.1″+10.1″,15.6″+10.1, and 15.6″+15.6
  • Integrated 80mm Seiko core printer, compatible with 80mm and 58mm receipt paper with a 250mm printing speed
  • Sleek yet heavy-duty 8mm die-cast aluminium bracket and durable design
  • Innovative features such as a Type-A *5 audio jack with RJ12, RJ45, and RJ11 compatibility and a built-in TF card. Suitable for face recognition software with its 1D/2D/3D camera for payment and other function
  • High printing speed of 250mm/s with the built-in 80mm Seiko core printer
  • Durable 8mm die-cast aluminium body bracket and base, able to withstand any accidental knocks and spills
  • 3D structured light camera supports payment by facial recognition and customer relationship management
  • Multiple interfaces compatible with cash drawers, scanners, printers, and other accessories simultaneously

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Rear Display

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