Dibal G325B G-Series Scale

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The Dibal G325B G-Series is a versatile retail scale that can be both mains and battery operated. It has a large flat stainless-steel plate 305(W) x 235(D)mm as standard.

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The Dibal G-325-B stands out as a versatile retail scale, capable of functioning seamlessly on both mains power and battery operation. Standard features include a generously sized flat stainless-steel plate, offering convenience in various retail settings.

The rear customer display provides flexibility, allowing it to remain integrated within the main base unit or effortlessly mounted onto the supplied pole.

Equipped with large, user-friendly keys on a splashproof membrane and a spacious multi-line operator display, the G325-B ensures ease of operation.

Please note: While the basic Dibal G325 scale operates exclusively on mains power, the enhanced Dibal G325-B, as specified here, comes with an added advantage—a rechargeable internal battery is included for increased mobility and flexibility in usage scenarios.

Key Points

  • Price computing electronic scale without printer.
  • RS-232 interface: firmware and communication protocols upgradeable from PC.
  • Valid for legal metrology.
  • Internal rechargeable battery:
    • Up to 120 hours of life with completely charged battery and back lighting disconnected (approximate data).


  • EAN heading programming (according to communication protocol).
  • Tare, fix tare and manual zero.
  • Fix price: to operate several times with the same article.
  • Display of price in a secondary currency.
  • Energy saving via programmable on and off back lighting switching and automatic disconnection.

Capacity / Accuracy

  • Multi-range (3,000 divisions): 6 kg / 2 g – 15 kg / 5 g.
  • Optional:
    • Multi-range (3,000 divisions): 15 kg / 5 g – 30 kg / 10 g.

Available formats

  • Flat and pole in the same scale: the tower is included in the packaging and is easily installable.


  • Structure:
    • ABS plastic casing.
    • Displays:
    • 5 digits backlit LCD segment display in vendor and buyer side.
    • Show weight, price / kg and total.
  • Keypad with 32-keys.
  • Plate:
    • Type: Flat.
    • Material: Stainless steel.

Communication to PC / POS / ECR

  • RS-232 interface.
  • Communication protocols available for the main POS and ECR in the market.
  • Multi-protocol: communication protocol is selected in the scale (40 protocols available). More protocols can be added from PC by telecharge (maximum: 60 protocols more).
  • “OPOS” driver.

Power supply

  • Mains: 220 VAC with AC/DB 12 V / 500 mA adapter.
  • 6 VDC / 4.5 Ah rechargeable internal battery available (only in G-325 B F/P) and connection to external battery.

Energy consumption

  • G-325: 3 W (approx.).
  • G-325 B: 3.5 W (approx.).

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