Customer Portal

Customer Portal

The customer portal is a cost-effective way to communicate with your customers, they can log their own jobs and check there status or history without physically interacting with a member of staff. This reduces the workload on the administration team as they don’t have to handle these communications, while the customer has the confidence of knowing the job has been logged to their satisfaction.

Company Data

Tech savvy customers can access their data or communicate with the company at their own leisure, also, the customer portal is accessible to multiple customers at one time as long as they have an Internet connection. This can dramatically boost your productivity as your administration team can should only be managing one customer at a time.

Service Levels

With the dedicated customer portal at your client’s disposal, they can monitor job statuses and ensure that service levels are being achieved to their satisfaction.

The customer portal can also give customers access to multiple resources at their fingertips. they can gain detailed knowledge of jobs that are being processed, navigate through frequently asked questions, and interact with the assigned support engineers.


✅  Website Login – If you choose to have a customer portal we will add a customer login to your website.

✅  Job Management – Customers can login and create or edit their own jobs, they can monitor a job’s status and access any information that you place there for their perusal.

✅  Available 24/7 – Customers can access a customer portal at any time, leaving you open for business out of office hours.

Accounts Integration – Integrates with Sage 50 Accounts


✅  Save Time – The customer portal can save your administration team a lot of time as they won’t need to field unnecessary calls. You can leave resources to help them deal with simple or repetitive issues, while your administration team can focus on handling the calls the more complicate queries.

✅  Real-time Job Information – Having access to real-time information can satisfy your customers concerns, they can access this information at any time.

✅  Maintain Brand Identity – We can customize your customer portal and retain your brand identity, this will reassure your customers that they have come to the right place. You can have your company branding and logo’s that are consistent with your company image and values.

✅  Accurate Information – Having the customer log their own jobs ensures that you gain an accurate understanding of the issue from the customers perspective. They are required to enter their job number and to describe their issue, this eliminates the chances of any miscommunication.

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