Email Notifications

Email Notifications

Ensure that your administration team, mobile workers and customers are up to date with email notifications. The emails can be customized so that they are sent to numerous accounts, anyone who has an interest in the particular job. Also, the emails can be set so that they are triggered by specific events, these include, job allocated, invoice sent, job completed, or job cancelled. This helps your administration team with less job related outbound and incoming phone calls, although, they can still communicate with email recipients if required.

Email Notifications

With SAM’s email notification you can assign recipients so that when changes are made to the job all the nominated recipients are notified.

Email Notifications Recipant

The recipients can be selected from the list of engineers and the specific contacts within the company. You can also send notifications to unlisted contacts by simply typing in their email addresses.


✅  Automatic Notifications – Emails can be automated and sent to multiple accounts.

✅  Templates – You can customize your emails and use templates to maintain your company branding while impressing your customers.

✅  Automated Appointment Reminders – You can set the emails to be sent when triggered by certain events like job allocated, invoice sent, job completed, or en route.

Accounts Integration – Integrates with Sage 50 Accounts


✅  Less Administration – Automated email notifications reduce the administrative workload, while boosting customer satisfaction. Also, it reduces the number of outbound and incoming phone calls.

✅  Reduce Late Customers and ‘No Shows’ – Late customers and ‘no shows’ can really annoy mobile workers as one late customer can affect the rest of the day, while a ‘no show’ has just wasted their time. Email notifications reduce the chance of this happening as all parties can be given several reminders of the appointment

✅  Make Sure Staff Show Up On Time – Late appointments and ‘no shows’ can also have a very detrimental effect on your customer relationships, mobile workers may get distracted by their current job and this could make them late. An email notification for staff ensures that mobile workers and the administration team are fully aware of upcoming appointments.

✅  Improve Customer Relationship – Increased communication and interaction with customers can only help to build a stronger relationship. This professional approach reduces the administration teams workload, while it increases your engagements with your customers.

✅  Gain Vital Feedback – After the job is completed you can automatically send a customer survey and gain valuable customer insights, this can help with future planning and boost customer service levels.

✅  Store Emails – All sent emails can be stored and used for future reference, the makes them always accessible when required.

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